Starting point

First, choose a starting point, then hold your breathe and draw a continuous line, quickly.

on the ipod touch with vellum.

En premier, choisir le point de départ, puis retenir sa respiration et dessiner une ligne continue, trés vite.

sur le ipod touch avec vellum.


17 thoughts on “Starting point

  1. I really get a kick out of your work—I guess that’s very inportant to me when I look over a site—does it grab me, does it make me smile? Winna

  2. I’ve tried this. ‘taint easy. Especially when I have to run from mosquitos at the same time! (PS – I have the posts come straight to my e-mail, maybe that is the reason for the speed, dunno.)

  3. I love that you hold your breath while doing these! That’s funny! And I find when I do them quickly like this, there is less distortion in the proportions! I love contours. Yours are great!

  4. Thank you Gabrielle.
    Thank you Dan. (I have the posts coming to my e-mail too but grouped in one )
    Thank you Raena. I like drawing fast, breathing or not, as you say less distortion. Yes Dan must have found them…sometimes the world is better seen blurred.
    Thank you Sarah.

  5. That breathing thing got interesting comments, I find that when I am drawing the breathing is different, holding it when I start like when diving and then when I am in the “zone” the breathing is almost like when meditating.
    Merci Aletha, thank you Possum Patty

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