Hello 2010

There is quite a party, back stage! So before joining them to greet 2010, we wish you all the best for the new year! Cheers!

C’est la fête, en coulisse! Alors avant de les rejoindre pour franchir la nouvelle année nous vous souhaitons le meilleur pour 2010! Tchin Tchin!

From Dec 1st till Dec 31, a play ” Rejection” /Du 1er dec. au 31 dec. , une pièce “Refus”


7 thoughts on “Hello 2010

  1. Superbe! Happy New Year to you and yours. What a great effort with the stage production and the finale is perfect. And doesn’t Blanca look stunning all dressed up and out of her hairdressing clothes. Pompi is her usual fashionable and splendiferous self. Don’t drink all the champagne – I’m opening my door in the garden into the blogosphere (right now).

  2. Everyone was of course invited for the champagne,
    the rejected actors, the never satisfied director, the patient and participating audience,
    special mention to Gabrielle with her daily comment, merci, merci!
    Thank you Aletha, for sharing Blanca, her story, her photos, which started a great adventure.
    Thank you Bernie. I have seen your interesting pictures, so why not drawing on all your electronic devices like Aaron for 2010 and join the fun?

  3. Thank you Gabrielle, I was trying to find where I saw the name of Carolyn.
    Hello Carolyn and thank you. Happy new year from Pompi, Blanca and me.

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