Dec. 27th

Too loud, next...

Trop fort, suivant…

From Dec 1st till Dec 31, a play ” Rejection” /Du 1er dec. au 31 dec. , une pièce “Refus”


3 thoughts on “Dec. 27th

  1. The New York Times calls Refus “a brilliant frolic.”

    The London Telegraph says “it will tickle your funny bone.”

    Le Parisien dit que Refus est “le non-plus ultra des dessins rigoles.”

    The Sydney Morning Herald said that not since The Ballad of Pompadour and Blanca has drawing conveyed such life, humor and joy.

    The Charlotte Observer called Refus “the most intelligent and sophisticated comedy seen in a decade.”

    And Joey aged 10 says Refus is “cool.”

    See it for yourself. Refus — a theatrical delight you don’t want to miss.

  2. Thank you to my faithful spectator Gabrielle.
    Woah! So many good revues worldwide, and in top newspaper, thank you Aletha for reporting , it is very funny.
    The one that touched me the most is from Joey with his minimalist remark “cool”. I just love the fact that I have a young public! Hello to Tessa, Michael and Joey.

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