To worry or not to worry

When I looked at this cat, I thought “why does he looks so worried?” Why do I worry so much? What is the purpose for worrying? So as usual when I have to much questions or worries I draw.

Pourquoi ce chat a l’air si préoccupé? Une fois le dessin fini, cela m’a frappé. Pourquoi je me fais du soucis? Quel est le but de se faire du souci? Alors quand trop de questions ou trop de soucis, je dessine.


16 thoughts on “To worry or not to worry

  1. Lovely expression and so well captured. I am actually feeling similar to the cat, just something that I thought I have handled well and then some unwanted surprises happened. Small problem though, I’ll fix it like always ^^
    Thank you so much for your comment on my drawing for my friend. I am so glad him and everyone else who’s seen it like it too 🙂

  2. Allez, le chat, c’est pas si grave!
    Son expression est géniale, super bien croquée!
    Et la mosaïque de dessins est canon, aussi. Beau boulot sur les arcades (d’une église, je pense?)

  3. Drawing is a great anxiety reducer. Your pussy cat is lovely – I will put my hand through the computer screen and give him/her a scratch under the chin and behind the ear – a purr will result and a happy cat we hope. I love the yummy colours – chocolate and orange go so well (and taste even better).

    • An other French thing you got Gabrielle, everything in French is either a he or a she, no neutral. I know that I should say it for a cat but I just can’t. This little guy is a he, and he feels much better now with all the nice attention.

  4. Très sympas, tes croquis! Dessiner et peindre pour extérioriser ses craintes et ses soucis et les visualiser pour mieux faire face et parfois se rendre compte qu’ils sont peu de choses.
    Lovely sketches. I find that drawing and painting can be a good way to show our fears or worries and by visualizing them we may realize they are not that important.

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