Soaked in gold

autumn 1 autumn 2 autumn 3


A perfect day. Lapiz lazuli sky, stained glass of  leaves, walking and being soaked in gold light.

Une journée parfaite. Le ciel  lapiz lazuli, les vitraux de feuilles, je marche et je m’imbibe d’or.


6 thoughts on “Soaked in gold

  1. Delph merci. Il parait que dans les gorges du Verdon les couleurs etaient spectaculaires. Coté couleurs d’automne c’est vrai qu’on est gaté au Québec.

    Thank you Gabrielle, delicious made me think of a ferrero rocher (chocolate) with the gold wrapper!

    Paul, I am always intrigued by this, the same instant but in spring at night for you and in autumn, in the morning for me.

    Thank you Alex, since I do not have to go to school anymore, I love autumn.

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