Ratatouille and clafouti



Every non- French kid knows now what’s a ratatouille, thanks to a cute little rat who loves to cook. So I am suggesting Clafouti as a name for an other hero.  A funny name of a simple, easy  and delicious desert. If instructions are not clear, it is basically a  batter over fruits, and baked in the oven. The traditional one is from Limousin and with cherries.

EDM challenge: draw a  favorite recipe

Grace a un mignon petit rat, fou de cuisine, tous les enfants non-Français savent maintenant ce qu’est une ratatouille. J’aimerais proposer comme nom pour un autre héros, Clafoutis. Un nom tout aussi rigolo d’un dessert facile et délicieux. Si la recette est difficile à lire, c’est en fait une pate comme pour les crêpes sur des fruits et cuit au four. Le traditionel est du Limousin et ce fait avec des cerises.

EDM challenge: dessiner une recette qu’on aime


7 thoughts on “Ratatouille and clafouti

  1. A very cute looking recipe indeed! I really like the brown paper, and using colors and whites on them really makes it special!
    I love Ratatouille…I mean the dessert itself! I’ve had it a few times without know what it was, and I told my german friends…hmmm these are great, and that’s when they told me what it was. ^^

  2. Thanks Alex, next time you see your cute little niece (your sketch of her is so good!) you can cook for her ratatouille and clafouti, she will certainly have fun with the names.
    This sketch was just for fun, I realize it is not easy to illustrate how to do…

  3. woah! it’s been so long I haven’t had my drawing on the fridge door, thank you so much.
    If you try a clafouti, let me know.
    just in case clafouti is pronouced cla-fou-tea

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