Tomato Khan

real tomatoes

Gengis Khan

Gengis Khan

Real tomatoes, grown outside…why do they bother growing them in winter? For the money, I know, not for the taste… After splashing them with red and yellow, I saw that it just went right through the paper. On the verso, I saw blood, pools of blood and it reminded me of the film we saw of Genghis Khan, unifying Mongolia with a sea of blood.

De vrais tomates poussant au grand air…poourquoi se compliquer la vie en les cultivant en hiver? Je sais, pour l’argent, pas pour le gout…après les avoir arrosées copieusement de rouge et de jaune j’ai vu que ça avait traversé le papier. Sur le verso c’était une mer de sang et cela m’a rappellé la mer de sang de Genghis Khan pour unifier la Mongolie  ( d’après un film vu recemment).

10 thoughts on “Tomato Khan

  1. I love this “double vision”. Surprising and original. Our eyes can sometimes see further than reality ! /

    J’aime beaucoup la “double vision “. Surprenant et vraiment original. Les yeux voient souvent plus loin que le réel!

  2. I feel the same about “real” tomatoes! And you have captured them so succulently…

    I also like what you did on the verso…Nicely creative use of the gift of leaking through.

  3. Love how you mix the colors around, getting a good natural feel of fresh ripe tomatoes… ahhh!
    And the Genghis Khan picture, which is inspired of course by the fruit/vegetable(I still don’t know which is it) is just brilliant! And it definitely contains the chinese painting style. I really like it!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my Show Lo sketch. I am glad you like the steps too, and I’ll do that more often now because of that. To answer your question, no, I didn’t attend any art school. I am an engineer 🙂 But I like drawing

  4. Génial! Le dessin des tomates est hyper cool, super choix de couleurs et de style! Et le verso avec Gengis Khan et son armée, épatant – très original, et super dessin! Je me suis bien régalée à remarquer les détails!

  5. So many images sneak out at me, waiting for me to notice they are there – like creators of war and their victims who suffer to become merely numbers on the nightly news. This has power.

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