What to do with a non cooperative model?

IMG_0094 le chien 2


Sketching animals means no expectations from the model for their portrait. No “do I look like this?” or “are you done?”. The down side is that they usually don’t like posing, even if they don’t know that they are. In the end, a lot of back views, a little side views and no front views.

Dessiner des animaux enlève toute attente du modèle envers son portrait. Pas de ” est-ce que je ressemble à ça?” ou ” tu as fini?”. Le revers de la médaille c’est qu’ils n’aiment pas poser, même si ils ne savent pas qu’ils posent. Et cela donne beaucoup de poses vue de dos, un peu de coté et pas du tout de face.

14 thoughts on “What to do with a non cooperative model?

  1. Oh he is adorable! I know what you mean about sketching animals my older dog gets up and leaves if he even suspects for a moment that I’m sketching him.

  2. Great sketches and wonderful job on getting them transfered into the digital format too!!
    Thank you for your wishes, and it’s really great to be back too. Things had gotten a bit chaotic for me, but I believe that’s normal for all weddings especially during the preparation and planning time. I had fun doing the card, and I might do another one when we’re having another “chinese-style” reception when we’re in Malaysia too ^^ We’ll see

  3. Thank you Nancy and Sharon.
    Thank you Alex. It will be interesting to see your Malaysian invitation.
    For the digital images of the dog, I drew them directly on an iPod touch, it’s really fun!

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