Une poule qui a du chien!

La Pompadour

La Pompadour

After the Hamster’s meet the Chinese Silky chickens. A great look, a great name,and living in paradise… when I saw La Pompadour’s picture in Gabrielle’s blog,  it was love at first sight! She is already a star having a poem written for her…great looks do count in the chicks’ world .

Après la famille Hamster je vous présente les poules chinoises “Silky”. Une allure et un nom princier dans un petit coin de paradis, quand j’ai vu les photos de La Pompadour dans le blog de Gabrielle, ça a été le coup de foudre. Elle est deja une star avec un poème écrit pour elle…et oui la beauté ça compte chez les poules aussi.


12 thoughts on “Une poule qui a du chien!

  1. They are beautiful chickens, I must admit, even despite my huge prejudice for hamsters. And these chickens are very lucky to have, now, both literary and pictorial fame!

    Fabulous drawings! They really capture the rockstar quality of these exotic birds.


  2. Aletha les hamsters ont la premiere place dans mon coeur! Dis leur qu’ils ont eu un grand total de 328 clicks. I have to give them the entire credit of my best day (for stats) entirely caused by their cuteness. Thanks for the rockstar image, I like it!

  3. merci Ronell, oui Mme de Pompadour est tres jetset comme l’autre.
    Merci Paul, en français en plus, c’est sympa!

  4. That is amazing – I will run downstairs and tell Pompadour at once – she will be shaking her tail feathers in delight and bok, bok, boking all over the place. You are so talented – and you have made my day/week.

  5. No need to answer the previous question as I noticed the creative commons attribution. I have posted your lovely picture onto my blog with a short story about it all. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you kindly – see you can comment. Have you considered illustrating children’s books – I may need one in future.

  7. That’s great – I am serious here – I have the plot all worked out. I have been thinking about this for about a year – but didn’t know where to get the illustrator! Now I have two, apparently – you and Aletha. We will talk more.

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