Under my bed

under my bed

under my bed

Under my bed is a crowdy place. When I was small, it was of course full of monsters, then my cats chase them while napping, then my dog chase them, then my boys chase them . Now it is empty.

Sous mon lit il y a foule. Quand j’étais petite, c’était bien sur bourré de monstres, puis mes chats les ont fait fuir en y faisant la sieste, puis mon chien les a fait fuir, puis mes fistons les ont fait fuir. Et maintenant c’est vide.


8 thoughts on “Under my bed

  1. This is so great! (I like to sleep very close to the ground because I am scared that if my foot falls over the edge of the bed, it will get grabbed by something under the bed! You would think I should have grown out of that by now…!!)

  2. This is done so well, I find myself going back to make sure I have not missed something peeking out at me. Wonderful contrast between covers and shadows underneath.

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