BlancaBlanco or Blanca? After a few days, no doubt, Blanca was a mum! It has been a very good story with cute pictures from Aletha. This is for you Aletha.

Blanco ou Blanca? Après quelques jours, plus de doute possible, Blanca était maman! Une trés bonne histoire avec des photos adorables par Aletha. Pour toi Aletha.

Blanca-and-familyThe rest of the family…I did an extra one, they are 9.

La famille au complet avec un extra, ils ne sont que 9.


17 thoughts on “Blanca

  1. thank you very much to every one
    merci beaucoup,

    I have to thanks the Hamster’s, they have been wonderful models.

  2. I like the way your line flows. Is Blanca your pet mouse or a Guinea Pig? She’s actually very cute ^^ And congratulation with the babies… I wonder what are you going to name them

  3. thank you Suzan.
    Alex, Blanca is not mine, I am pet free! The whole family is at Aletha’s home and she put their picture on her blog (see link above), so cute I draw them on an impulse. Is guinea pig and hamster the same specie? Thank you for your nice comment

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