The little voice


EDM challenge #216: draw your inner critic. I never had put a face on that annoying little voice that is my inner critic.  After reading the challenge it was there, a long black gloomy silhouette, silent, for a change, but with such a disapproving look. Art is said to be therapeutic and I think so.  Try it, draw it and then forget about it.

EDM challenge #216: dessiner son critique intérieur. Je ne voyais pas d’ou venait la petite voix empoisonnante de mon critique interieur. Après avoir lu le challenge, cette silhouette noire et sinistre,  inhabituellement silencieuse, avec ce regard désaprobateur s’est imposée. On dit que l’art est thérapeutique et je le pense. Essayez, dessinez-le et puis oubliez-le.


6 thoughts on “The little voice

  1. A strong interpretation of this abstract concept. Well done and now that you’ve exercised this demon, stop listening to it. As you say so well, “Try it, draw it and then forget about it.” {smile}

  2. Thank you Shirley, the annoying critic is melting since this public appearance…
    and I enjoy more and more to draw.

    Owen, after seeing your spray bottle I rushed to my neighborhood dollar store . I wanted to experiment with it and let you know, but it was out of business! Plenty other stores to go to.
    Thank you for your visit and encouragement.

  3. Sometimes pharmacies carry products in sample sizes. You could pour the contents out, wash it and fill it up with H2O. Do let me know how it turns out. {thrive!}

  4. the internal critic is having a low profile moment after seeing his portrait,
    de le mettre sur papier a été trés bénéfique.
    thank you Aletha

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