The first looks at Twitter were to me like a secret code for insiders. One line of commentslinksinfos.  Instantaneous and volatile.  Fast, fun, interesting… but for me? Then, from  ” instant” and “volatile”  the idea of a volatile instant in art came to me as ephemeral art. Drawing on something or with something that will not stay, take a picture as a reminder of the instant, post it on TwitPic.  Anyone interested in joining me in twittering ephemeral art? Let me know.      Many thanks to Aaron, the bamboo raft, for the encouragement and help, so now I can Twitter, sort of…

Twitter, apres mes premières visites me semblait être un code secret pour  initiés. Une ligne  d’infoslienscommentaires. Instantané  et volatil. Rapide, marrant, interessant…mais pour moi? De cette impression d’instant et de volatilité est apparue l’idée d’un instant volatil en art, l’art éphémère. Dessiner sur quelquechose ou avec quelquechose qui ne reste pas, seul la photo rapelle ce moment et la poster sur TwitPic. Des amateurs? Laissez moi savoir.                               Merci beaucoup a Aaron, du bamboo raft, pour ses encouragements et son aide, so “I can do it!” enfin…j’essaie.

ephemeral art

ephemeral art

You can see the others here

Vous pouvez voir les autres ici

Drawn on a Boudha board with water and chineese brush. From Manet’s portrait of Irma Brunner.


4 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I like pictures and drawings of water, leaves and crowds, as they are never the same. The whole composition ceases to exist in a fraction of a second. I’m not very good in taking them, unfortunately. But you may like TwitScoop (, which shows how the subjects in the global Twitter chit-chat change every second. Ephemeral geek art perhaps? I can easily see that evolve one day to capture the meaning behind the text and use colours/images instead of words to convey the mood of the Twitter world in this exact moment in time.

    • I thought you would reply in pictures on twitpic, you have a good subject: movement in grouping. I tried twitscoop but like twitpic the other day wont load. I will retry.

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