Squares and mice

squares and mice 1

squares and mice 2 squares and mice 3

Squares are on my mind since I read the story of the little squares from Aletha.

Les carrés, ils sont devenus un peu une obsession depuis que j’ai lu leur histoire raconté par Aletha.


7 thoughts on “Squares and mice

  1. Wow! Your mice found something neat to do with the squares! Christmas packages! Beautiful ones too. Well, you already know the story of our house mouse.

    Maintenant, mon souris souris. Il voudrais un joli cadeau!

  2. Merci beaucoup, Helena

    Merci beaucoup Christine, J’ai beaucoup aimé la liste des copains de Van Gogh sur votre blog .

    Aletha, votre maison est le cadeau idéal pour ces souris souriantes

  3. I’m officially envy of your talent now 🙂 . Drawing your own Christmas cards is nice, but having them looking this good is only for the gifted ones. Thanks for taking the time to share them with the world. I now get my weekly art fix in my feed reader just by visiting your blog.

    • Hi Aaron, thank you so much, for visiting, and taking the time for such nice comments.
      All you need is blank cards…you can do it!

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