Time Square Nocturna

Time Square Nocturna


5 thoughts on “November…

  1. I am from a small, not-for-profit theater and art center in Bloomington, MN. We are sponsoring a Art Experience trip to New York this spring. I love the “Tim Square Nocturna” and would like to use the image on our website when promoting our tour. Please let me know if we can have permission to use the image. If you would like to vew our website you can view it at: The image, however, would be used on this site and later on a new site we will be rolling out in a few weeks, Thank you, Tim

    • Hello Tim,
      Thank you for asking, yes you can use my watercolor “Time Square Nocturna” on your websites.
      I would appreciate very much if you can give me credits or link it to my blog.
      Wishing you a sucessful trip to New York

      • Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It is a GREAT painting. We will definitely give you credit and I will look at how to link it to your blog.

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